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Otorohanga Business Opportunities

Otorohanga offers great business & lifestyle opportunities in challenging times...It's a wonderful place to live.


Otorohanga offers the ideal balance between a commercial and lifestyle location, where our business-friendly Council and Otorohanga District Plan will enable you to build your business and enjoy your family and recreation time.

It makes good business sense….


  • Do you want to get into the tourism industry?
    Why not do it in Otorohanga, just 15 minutes from Waitomo Caves, where 600,000 tourists visit every year?
  • Do you have a new idea for a rural business product?
    Why not develop it in Otorohanga, the centre of rural New Zealand?
  • Have a great idea for an IT product?
    Why not develop it in Otorohanga, where costs are low and the lifestyle is relaxed?
  • Otorohanga is close to larger commercial centres.
    Auckland (2 hours), Hamilton (45 minutes), Tauranga (1.5 hours), Rotorua (1.5 hours).



Wonderful lifestyle


Enjoy all the benefits of a vibrant, friendly, small town and rural lifestyle with the attraction of larger towns and cities nearby. The Otorohanga District is all about a wonderful lifestyle at relatively low cost.


  • A friendly caring community

  • Work from home or spend 5 stress-free minutes driving to work

  • Vibrant local sports clubs and facilities – netball, soccer, rugby, tennis, golf, squash

  • Excellent choice of schools

  • Good health care facilities.

Lots to see and do


Whatever your passion, you can experience it within a scenic 2-hour drive.


  • Waitomo caving adventures - 15 minutes

  • City shopping, dining and casino - 45 minutes to Hamilton

  • West Coast beaches - 1 hour

  • East Coast beaches - 2 hours

  • Skiing and winter sports - 2 hours.

Otorohanga is strategically located in the North Island, close to major cities and ports


Otorohanga Map Otorohanga Map


Otorohanga is served by two major State Highways – SH3 (to Hamilton and New Plymouth) and SH31/39, which acts as a 'short cut' to Auckland and northern markets. 

Build your business in Otorohanga


  • Reduce your overheads

  • Find a great location close to major markets

  • Cut your transport costs

  • Reduce your supply chain times

  • Own affordable land


Very affordable land is still available amongst well-established businesses in Progress Park, a purpose-designed commercial estate close to major transport networks. 


For example, Lot 5 (4025m2) is available for an unbelievable price direct from the Otorohanga District Council. To give you a hint a similar size piece of industrial land around Auckland would cost in the region of $1,000,000 +GST.



Progress Park Industrial subdivision in Otorohanga
Progress Park industrial subdivision in Otorohanga

So what does this mean in real terms, if you chose to build a new factory in Otorohanga rather than Auckland?


  • Your capital outlay would reduce by around $750,000 – The funding on this amount at 5% per annum is $37,500 or $3,125 per month.

  • $750,000 could be spent on building a factory in the region of 400 sq.metres, making the difference between building and paying for your own asset rather than leasing and paying for someone else’s asset.

A willing and able labour force


Otorohanga has worked hard to implement Youth Programmes and Apprentice & Trade Training Schemes, which have been extremely successful. 


"Congratulations to the Mayor of Otorohanga and the heart and spirit of Otorohanga. You have a town to be proud of – from the Public Toilets (superb!) to the retail shops, gardens etc. Everything and everyone is working towards the same purpose and it shows. I think it must be the best town in NZ. It is an absolute pleasure to drive through – to stop by for a coffee takes 2 hours, because one gets waylaid by the pleasures..." - Otorohanga Visitor


The alternative of bringing your own labour force or key employees with you is also very attractive. Great value housing and fantastic schooling are available – more about this later.

Tourism business opportunities


Otorohanga sees approximately 600,000 tourists pass through the area every year and provides a wonderful opportunity to start your own tourism business or create exciting new products for both tourists and tourism operators. 

As a well-established tourist destination Waitomo is one of the success stories of New Zealand tourism. It's only 15 kms from Otorohanga and provides a strong cluster of tourism businesses – it makes sense for people who love tourism opportunities to live in the Otorohanga and Waitomo districts.

Residential Property / Lifestyle Property Opportunities


Median residential prices for Otorohanga are $206,000.


In simple terms, you get a lot of house for a lot less money.

Agricultural Business Opportunities


Otorohanga is at the heart of rural New Zealand and an ideal location for establishing and developing businesses or business ideas in the agricultural sector.

Intellectual property and IT business opportunities


In our lifetime the greatest new paradigm for those in business must be the internet. This communication revolution has come about as a result of faster and more reliable internet connections, supported by mobile devices that allow people to be online for longer and in more places.

With easier and more affordable communication opportunities, we can now conduct business on a global platform; our rapidly growing online communities are absorbing content and information at an unprecedented rate.

The improvements to broadband connections has changed the way we do business – so has the "Where we do business". We are no longer tied to our desks and our offices and this makes Otorohanga a wonderfully cost-effective place to live and work amongst others who embrace excellence in performance and a sound work/life balance.

So what does this mean?


Reducing your mortgage by the difference in the median house price between Auckland/Wellington/Christchurch and Otorohanga saves hundreds of thousands of dollars. 


For example, a Christchurch couple with two young children run their own internet-based business and own a home with a 750 sq.metre section, which is worth $595,000 and has a mortgage of $250,000. They could "move to the country" and buy a 10,000m² small holding inside the town boundary with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, concrete block shed, hen house and woolshed for $345,000.


  • They no longer have a mortgage to worry about

  • Their children have a wonderful place to play

  • A passion for gardening, growing vegetables and raising animals can be explored

  • No more traffic jams and hence much more time at home with their children

  • If their income drops by $500 per week, they are no worse off in real terms and therefore don't have to work so hard – giving time to enjoy their new home and lifestyle. 

In Summary


Otorohanga has a solid core of well-established national and international companies, rural support businesses, plus a full range of banking facilities, excellent retail and service providers.


The Otorohanga district has excellent education facilities at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. 


Otorohanga is a very caring community with affordable and effective medical and health services, close to major hospitals.


The Otorohanga District is heartland dairy farming country with fertile soils, a temperate climate and good rainfall. We have excellent transport networks – Otorohanga is serviced by State Highways 3 and 31/39, which reduces travel time to Auckland by at least 30 minutes. 


Otorohanga is an ideal location for:


  • Rural support businesses
  • IT developers & server location
  • Call centres
  • National distribution centres
  • Cool stores
  • Manufacturing businesses
  • Secure document storage
  • Tourism related businesses (Otorohanga is the closet service centre to the Waitomo Caves with 600,000 visitors annually)


To find out what Otorohanga has to offer and arrange a visit to meet all the right people please contact:


Roger Brady (at the Otorohanga District Council)


Email Roger or phone him on 07 873 4000